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Capturing the Complexity of Cell Biology

Here, we discuss how new methods and recent advancements in automated imaging and analysis are improving research in 3D biology. With hardware and software solutions such as water immersion, lasers, and machine learning.

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Explore methods for more efficient molecular cloning and strain engineering applications

Learn how to use automated systems to:

  • Select thousands of colonies of interest an hour with confidence
  • Increase walkaway time to maximize research efforts
  • Ensure sterility and decrease contamination
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Efficient Molecular Cloning and Strain Engineering Applications

Establishing and imaging 3D oncology models

You will learn more about:

  • Utilizing a relevant 3D cell culture platform for oncology research
  • Improving sensitivity, speed, and assay quality for 3D and complex biological assays using a high-content imaging laser-based system
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3D Oncology Models

Microplate analysis technologies for food and beverage quality testing

In this webinar you will learn how SpectraMax® absorbance microplate readers and SoftMax® Pro Software are used to increase throughput and simplify analysis of data from assays used to test products including wines and beer.

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Microplate Analysis Technologies for Food and Beverage Quality Testing

Getting the most from your Axon pClamp 11 Software

In this recording from the Sfn Global Connectome 2021, Jeffrey Tang showcases and demonstrates some new features of our software, answering common pCLAMP-related questions, and shows you how you can make the most of this powerful solution.

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Enhance Electrophysiology Studies with Axon pClamp 11