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Disease modeling in the 21st century: Automated organoid assays with 3D imaging

Learn how to

  • Automate media exchange, sampling, and staining of complex 3D systems such as spheroids, organoids, and tumoroids
  • Acquire quality images at high throughput with water immersion objectives
  • Measure and analyze calcium oscillations in neuro-spheroids using the FLIPR® Penta High-Throughput Cellular Screening System
  • Perform 3D volumetric analysis and other custom analyses for phenotypic characterization of compound effects
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High-throughput, organoid-derived organ-on-a-chip systems for drug discovery and disease modelling

You will learn:

  • How a range of tissue models comprising complex co-cultures can be formed in a perfused system using state-of-the-art stem cell and organoid protocols
  • How such models can be screened and analyzed within a single, integrated interface to dramatically reduce time to discovery
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3D cell culture, tissue clearing, & high-content imaging in the quest of effective solutions to NAFLD

Learn how to:

  • Increase assay sensitivity and viability using Primary Human Hepatocytes (PHH) pre-qualified for spheroid formation
  • Apply tissue clearing techniques to fully characterize 3D cell culture models in a single workflow
  • Utilize water immersion objectives and targeted acquisition with confocal imaging to fully characterize 3D fibrosis models in a high-throughput manner
  • Perform 3D volumetric analysis and other custom analyses for unique feature extraction and quantification
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Transitioning high-content assays to 3D: Scientific opportunities & imaging challenges

Key highlights:

  • Benefits of using 3D cellular models for high-content imaging
  • Main barriers to entry into using 3D cell models for high-content imaging and analysis
  • Features that will be essential to accelerating high-content imaging of 3D biology
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Optimized workflow for rapid identification of neutralizing antibodies against viral particles

Key highlights:

  • CloneSelect™ Single Cell Printer for gently depositing a single cell into a well with the entire cell deposition process imaged and time-stamped
  • Combined Single Cell Printer and CloneSelect™ Imager workflow to provide high assurance of monoclonality in a single round of cloning
  • The single cell deposition- and outgrowth-efficiency comparisons using single cell printer, flow cytometry and limiting dilution
  • ClonePix™ with monoclonality assurances provides a complete automated workflow for screening tens of thousands of clones while including confirmation of clonality
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