QPix Microbial Colony Pickers
QPix 400 Series Microbial Colony Pickers

QPix Microbial Colony Pickers

Automated microbial screening system capable of picking up to 3000 colonies per hour

Automated microbial screening system capable of picking up to 3,000 colonies per hour

The QPix® Microbial Colony Picker leverages best-in-class colony picking technology to alleviate bottlenecks and quickly, accurately, and efficiently screen through massive genetic libraries. The easy-to-use, intuitive software guides users through setting up colony picking runs where precision robotics pick the right colonies every time.. In addition to microbial screening, the system automates several sample preparation and plate handling processes such as transfer of bacterial liquid culture and plating on agar.

Data is automatically recorded into the machine’s database, providing users with a complete audit trail and sample tracking, ensuring that no data is ever lost. Our modular, scalable series of colony pickers allows groups of all sizes to increase the accuracy and throughput of their workflow, while still allowing for future throughput growth.

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Identify colonies with a desired phenotype

The QPix colony pickers support a wide variety of microorganisms and multiple selection modalities, including fluorescence intensity, blue/white selection, size and proximity, and zone of inhibition.

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Select colonies efficiently

A suite of organism-specific pin and agar sensor ensure efficient picking. The system delivers a picking efficiency of >98%, allowing you to walkaway with confidence.

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Maintain Sterility

A host of sterility features are available including a UV light for sanitizing the interior of the instrument, as well as pin washing, and halogen drying of pins.


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Organism-specific pins

Different shape and picking area pins maximize efficiency for E. coli, phage, and yeast. Plating-specific pins ensure uniform distribution of liquid culture onto agar.

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Multiple imaging modes

Colonies can be picked based on pre-specified parameters using white light, fluorescence, and color. The use of filters enables applications such as blue-white colony screening.

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Plating and Spreading

Automated plating and streaking of 96 samples can be done in 30 minutes, providing greater walk-away time.

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Replication, grid and hit picking

Automated plate handling and tracking streamlines downstream assay and sample management. QPix colony pickers provides flexible plate replication, gridding, and hit-picking capabilities.

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Agar sensing

Ultrasonic agar height sensor detects differences in height resulting from variable pouring volume enabling maximum picking efficiency.

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Scalable automation options*

The QPix HT model is a robot compatible solution with a modular deck. The Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions Team can tailor a colony picker with a variety of custom services.

*Price, time to deliver and specifications will vary based on mutually agreed technical requirements. Solution requirements may cause adjustment to standard performance.

Automate your workflow with the QPix colony picker

Colony picking is an essential step in biological research as scientists often isolate microbial clones in order to mass produce DNA or proteins to be used in a variety of applications downstream. Traditionally, colony picking is performed manually using sterile pipette tips or inoculation loops, which are usually slow, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Not only will automated colony pickers make the entire process quicker, but the results are more consistent and reliable.

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*Price, time to deliver, and specifications will vary based on mutually agreed technical requirements. Solution requirements may cause adjustment to standard performance.
Custom solutions are subject to Molecular Devices Custom Products Purchase Terms available at


What is a QPix microbial colony picker?

The QPix microbial colony picker is an advanced automated system designed for high-throughput selection and picking of microbial colonies. It streamlines the process of clone screening and eliminates the need for manual colony picking.

How does the QPix microbial colony picker work?

The QPix microbial colony picker utilizes a combination of imaging and robotics technology to accurately identify and pick individual microbial colonies from agar plates. It uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze colony size, shape, and other characteristics, allowing for precise colony selection.

What are the key features of the QPix microbial colony picker?

The QPix microbial colony picker offers several key features, including high-resolution imaging, customizable colony selection criteria, automated picking and re-arraying, adjustable picking parameters, and intuitive software for colony tracking and data analysis.

What are the benefits of using the QPix microbial colony picker?

By automating the colony picking process, the QPix microbial colony picker significantly increases throughput and efficiency in clone screening. It minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, improves accuracy and reproducibility, and frees up valuable time and resources for researchers.

Which applications can benefit from the QPix microbial colony picker?

The QPix microbial colony picker is ideal for a wide range of applications, including recombinant protein expression, antibody discovery, synthetic biology, directed evolution, and strain engineering. It is suitable for academic research, pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, and other industries requiring efficient clone screening.

What are the primary functions of QPix Microbial Colony Pickers?

QPix Microbial Colony Pickers offer automated colony picking, identification, and tracking capabilities. They enable researchers to efficiently select and transfer individual microbial colonies from agar plates, saving time and reducing human error.

In what workflows can QPix Microbial Colony Pickers be used?

QPix Microbial Colony Pickers are versatile tools that can be integrated into various workflows. They are commonly used in applications such as clone screening, mutant library generation, microbial genomics, directed evolution, and high-throughput strain engineering.

How do QPix Microbial Colony Pickers optimize scientific research?

QPix Microbial Colony Pickers streamline the process of clone screening and colony picking, allowing researchers to analyze a larger number of colonies in less time. This optimization improves the efficiency of research projects, accelerates discovery, and facilitates downstream analysis and experimentation.

Can QPix Microbial Colony Pickers handle different types of agar plates?

Yes, QPix Microbial Colony Pickers are designed to handle various agar plate formats, including Petri dishes, multiwell plates, and other custom plates. The system is flexible and can adapt to the specific needs of different experiments.

How does the software accompanying QPix Microbial Colony Pickers enhance research productivity?

The software provided with QPix Microbial Colony Pickers offers intuitive user interfaces for experiment design, colony selection criteria customization, and data analysis. It enables efficient tracking of colonies, facilitates workflow management, and provides insightful metrics for data-driven decision-making.

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