Molecular Devices Introduces ScanLater Western Blot Detection System

Sunnyvale, California, October 16, 2013 - Molecular Devices® announced today the launch of the ScanLater™ Western Blot Detection System. The first of its kind system combines western blot membrane detection with a multimode microplate reader platform, eliminating the need to acquire a separate dedicated western blot system, saving both lab space and budget. The system is compatible with Molecular Devices' SpectraMax® i3 and SpectraMax Paradigm® Platforms.

The ScanLater System is a time-resolved fluorescence (TRF)-based western blot detection assay, an optimal detection method that reduces stray excitation light, resulting in lower background noise and higher sensitivity. The ScanLater System comprises the ScanLater Western Blot Detection Cartridge, ScanLater Western Blot Kit and image acquisition software powered by SoftMax Pro® Software. ScanLater Western Blot Kits contain europium-labeled secondary antibodies designed to work with existing primary antibodies without further optimization. This substrate-free method of western blot detection not only outperforms traditional chemiluminescence and fluorescence-based western blot detection, it also allows membrane detection at any time.

Users can add western blot detection capability to the SpectraMax i3 or SpectraMax Paradigm Platform in just minutes by installing the ScanLater Western Blot Detection Cartridge. The cartridge is driven by SoftMax Pro Software, enabling users to run both microplate-based assays and western blot membrane detection from one software platform. SoftMax Pro Software provides a simple interface for acquiring .tif based images which may be printed, saved or exported to third party analysis packages. Using an add-on for ImageJ in SoftMax Pro Software, ScanLater System images are seamlessly exported with a single click.

Kevin Chance, President at Molecular Devices, commented: "Molecular Devices is committed to developing novel applications for our microplate customers, offering them the widest range of utility possible. The addition of the ScanLater Western Blot Detection System follows the introduction of the SpectraMax MiniMax™ Imaging Cytometer earlier this year, with the SpectraMax i3 System now leading the market in terms of application breadth."

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