Application Note

Detection and quantitation of protein with ScanLater Western Blot Detection System

  • Western blot protocol is unchanged except for incubation with secondary antibody
  • No substrates required
  • TRF detection using Europium-labeled secondary antibody reduces background while increasing dynamic range
  • Digital photon counting provides unaltered TRF counts
  • Europium resists photo bleaching and is stable for weeks, enabling reuse of blots
  • 秉承传统Western blot经典流 程,仅在孵育二抗时选用特殊 标记抗体
  • 无须任何底物
  • 时间分辨荧光染料分子作为二抗标记物,增加检测动态学范围、降低荧光背景值
  • 光子计数模式稳定收集TRF信号
  • 铕元素抗光漂白同时具有很高稳定性,数星期内信号强度不变,并且保证膜多次扫描检测