Cell Cultured Meats

Scale up food production for lab grown meat a using monoclonal cell line development techniques

Cell cultured meats

Cell cultured meat is a product of cellular agriculture that uses biopsied animal cells to grow sustainable, humane meat as an alternative to the traditional farming industry. Because cell cultured meat is made with mammalian cells, many of the processes in developing and scaling a cell cultured meat product will mirror those in biologics production, specifically cell line development. Molecular Devices has a history of success in scaling biologics for regulatory approval and commercialization with life science groups the world over and can, therefore, leverage that expertise with food manufacturers growing mammalian cell lines in new industry.

Cell cultured meat is currently under regulatory review in the United States by the FDA and USDA and commercially available in Singapore. Processes like automated single-cell isolation and high-content cellular imaging help food scientists’ accurate discovery of new mammalian cell lines and ensure the final product has the morphology, structure, and taste they are targeting.

Cell Cultured Meats

Scale cell cultured meat production with monoclonal cell lines

Mammalian cells are usually genetically modified to produce different biologics, including growth factors, hormones and antibodies. Cell line development workflows consist in a multistep process involving single cell cloning, formation of discrete colonies and isolation of these discrete colonies. A further step of monoclonality verification is often crucial from a quality and regulatory perspective, to ensure that the cell line originates from a single progenitor and is therefore monoclonal. Assessment of clone productivity and stability should be additionally performed, usually resulting in a time- and resource-intensive process due to the manual labour requirements.

Monoclonal Cell Lines Workflow


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Here, we highlight various applications and research methods using our CloneSelect Imager and Single-Cell Printer, ImageXpress Cellular Imaging System, and SpectraMax® microplate reader to help scale your cell line development workflow.

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