May 21 – May 23, 2019


  • Regional Event
  • Europe
  • Hannover, Germany

Booth B72

As the flagship European trade show for innovative laboratory equipment and the optimization of laboratory workflows, LABVOLUTION covers the entire spectrum of lab technology and highlights the new directions and…

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Booth E4 

Join us at SELECTBIO's 3D-Culture, Organoids & Tox Screening Europe 2019 meeting, which will bring together researchers from around the world focusing on the emerging technologies and applications of 3D-culture and organoids, especially as they are impacting drug discovery, toxicity screening and drug development processes. Topics to be covered at the show include 3D-cell based screening methods, high content screening and data management, the use of…

Booth 358

Cambridge Healthtech Institute is pleased to introduce its inaugural World Pharma Week 2019 taking place June 17-20 in Boston. Most critical scientifically cutting edge and investment-attractive topics will be discussed at the meeting that includes two well established congresses: BioMarker World Congress & World Preclinical Congress. Come and meet our friendly local team at World Pharma Week in Boston. Stop by our booth to find out about our latest…

Booth 19

Join us at SELECTBIO's Organ-on-a-Chip & Tissue-on-a-Chip Europe 2019 meeting, which focuses on an important and expanding field wherein cells are being assembled using Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip technologies in a functionally-relevant manner. These clusters of "assembled cells" have functional significance and can mimic in vivo organ structure.

Come and talk to our friendly local team at Booth 19 about our latest developments…

Come and find out more about our latest developments in high-content and cellular imaging, and microplate reader technology. Stop by our booth to see the new ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System, which captures and analyzes stunning images while reducing the effort of manual microscopy, and our flagship high-content imaging system - the ImageXpress Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System, a unique confocal imaging solution capable of imaging more than a million wells a week.…