High-throughput screening for GPCRs and Ion Channels

The FLIPR Tetra® High-Throughput Cellular Screening System provides an automated solution for identifying early leads in the drug discovery process and for evaluating drug efficacy and toxicity. With simultaneous pipette and read function, the system supports fast kinetic cellular assays. It can be quickly configured based on library size, detection mode, screening format, assay and target. As a fully integrated solution, the transition from assay development to lead optimization is seamless.

  • Enable more assays

    Enable more assays

    The system supports an incredible range of assays including calcium, cardiotoxicity, potassium, and membrane potential. Design custom protocols or choose from our variety of turnkey assay kits.

  • Screen with multiple detection modes

    Screen with multiple detection modes

    Seven fluorescence LED sets with many filter options and optional aequorin luminescence detection available for single wavelength and ratiometric assays. Easily switch between fluorescence and luminescence read modes.

  • Configure protocols easily

    Configure protocols easily

    ScreenWorks® Software simplifies the assay development process by presenting options consistent with corresponding fluidics and optics in a drag-and-drop user interface.

FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput

FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput


  • User-changeable pipette modules

    Pipette heads can be exchanged in minutes without the use of tools. Easily change the pipettor head from 96, 384, or 1536 channels to accommodate assay throughput needs.

  • Configurable optics

    Configurable excitation and emission optics allow for expanded dye capabilities. User-configurable optics support rapid optical changes, beneficial in multi-user, multi-assay environments.

  • Advanced data handling

    View signal traces, EC50 curves, and Z factors on-the-fly without having to export data to another software program. The system provides rapid analysis of compound efficacy or toxicity.

  • Multi-peak data analysis

    Optional ScreenWorks PeakPro Software simplifies the characterization of calcium oscillations in primary cells and stem cells. It offers analysis of multi-peak data and 15 extra analysis parameters.

  • Internal plate handler

    The FLIPR TetraCycler™ Plate Handler supports microplate and tip changes, and facilitates integration into larger laboratory robotics systems supporting ultra high-throughput drug discovery.

  • Custom automation options*

    The Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions Team can offer a variety of customized services from automated compound plate delivery to fully integrated workstations with automated incubation.

*Price, time to deliver, and specifications will vary based on technical requirements agreed upon. Solution requirements may cause adjustment to standard performance.

Applications of FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

  • Cardiomyocyte Screening

    Cardiomyocyte screening

    Early prediction of drug-induced functional cardiotoxicity requires robust in vitro systems suitable for high-throughput screening. Readily-available iPSC-derived human cardiomyocytes may be used in conjunction with calcium-sensitive dyes, and beat rates are monitored as changes in intracellular calcium. These calcium peaks can be analyzed with our ScreenWorks PeakPro Software which provides the investigator a suite of powerful tools for quantification of cardiomyocyte activity.

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  • Calcium Flux

    Calcium Flux

    The evaluation of calcium flux is a long accepted, tried and true measure of cellular activity. Calcium flux can be used as a measurement for a host of cellular processes including neurotransmitter release, GPCR activity, voltage or ligand gated ion channels, and cardiomyocyte beat patterns, among many others. The FLIPR Tetra System is the drug discovery tool for evaluation of calcium flux in high and ultra-high throughput due to its ease of use, sensitivity and user configurability.

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  • Neuronal Assays

    Neuronal Assays

    The FLIPR Tetra System is an excellent tool for monitoring calcium flux related to neuronal activity. Newly developed commercially available iPSC neurons have made high-throughput neuronal screening a reality. These cells and assays are essential for monitoring a variety of factors including neural cell culture conditions, drug compound effects, and the effect of environmental neurotoxins. Neuronal activity and neurotransmitter release can be evaluated with fluorescence-based calcium indicator dyes combining fast, simple, and powerful assays with scalable throughput.

  • Membrane Potential

    Membrane Potential

    There are dozens of identified disorders caused by impaired ion channel function. Ion channels are important drug discovery targets because they are highly druggable and specific. The FLIPR® Membrane Potential Assay Kits provide a fast, simple and reliable fluorescence-based assay for detecting changes in voltage across the cell membrane mediated by ion channel to evaluate target or off-target effects based on the application.

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  • GPCR


    Fluorescent dyes sensitive to changes in intracellular calcium have become increasingly popular in G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) drug discovery. These dyes make GPCR screening assays highly sensitive, easy to perform, and low cost compared to other assays. Instruments capable of measuring fluorescent-based calcium indicators in high-throughput have become significantly more affordable making them obtainable even for academic groups.

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  • Potassium Assays

    Potassium Assays

    Functional evaluation of potassium ion channels in a cell is of critical importance in the drug discovery process, particularly when it involves cardiac safety. The FLIPR® Potassium Assay Kit exploits the permeability of thallium ions (Tl+) through both voltage- and ligand-gated potassium (K+) channels. In this assay, a novel, highly-sensitive Tl+ indicator dye produces a bright fluorescent signal proportional to the number of potassium channels in the open state providing a functional indication of the potassium channel activities

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Specifications & Options of FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

Resources of FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

Videos and Demos

FLIPR in drug discovery: Ion channel screening and cardiac safety testing

(On-demand webinar) FLIPR in drug discovery: Ion channel screening and cardiac safety testing

Optogenetics and the FLIPR: Cav1.3 high-throughput screening assay

Optogenetics and the FLIPR: How to Use Light to Set up a Cav1.3 High-Throughput Screening Assay

Advances in Calcium Flux Assays

Latest Advances in Calcium Flux Assays

Innovative Assays for the FLIPR Tetra System

Innovative Assays for the FLIPR Tetra System

Developing an in vitro Tl+ flux assay for potassium channel

Developing an in Vitro Tl+ Flux Assay for Potassium Channel Agonist Identification

Novel in Vitro Assay Tools for Cardiac Toxicity and Discovery

Novel in Vitro Assay Tools for Cardiac Toxicity and Discovery

StemoniX microBrain 3D Assay Ready Plates for HTS

StemoniX microBrain 3D Assay Ready Plates for HTS

FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

Product Part Number
FLIPR Tetra High-Throughput Cellular Screening System FLIPR
Field Installations
FLIPR Tetra Camera Conversion Kit, EMCCD to ICCD 0310-5285
FLIPR Tetra Cell Suspension, Field Installation Kit 0310-5339
FLIPR Tetra TETRACycler Tetra+Cycler
Pipettor Heads
FLIPR Tetra Pipettor Head Kit, 96 0200-6071
FLIPR Tetra Pipettor Head Kit, 384 0200-6072
FLIPR Tetra Pipettor Head Kit, 1536 0200-6073
1FLIPR Tetra Pin Tool Head Kit, 384 384 Pin Tool Hd Kit
1FLIPR Tetra Pin Tool Head Kit, 1536 1536 Pin Tool Hd Kit
Pipetting Consumables
FLIPR Tetra Pipette tips, black, non-sterile, 96-well 50 racks/case 9000-0762
FLIPR Tetra Pipette tips, clear, non-sterile, 96-well 50 racks/case 9000-0761
FLIPR Tetra Pipette tips, black, non-sterile, 384-well 50 racks/case 9000-0764
FLIPR Tetra Pipette tips, clear, non-sterile, 384-well 50 racks/case 9000-0763
FLIPR Tetra 1536 tip gasket, non-sterile, 40/case 9000-0746
FLIPR Tetra 1536 tip block 0200-6112
1FLIPR Tetra Pin Tool head, 384 384 Pin Tool
1FLIPR Tetra Pin Tool head, 1536 1536 Pin Tool
Optical Accessories
LED Modules and Emission filter accessories are available for both versions of the FLIPR Tetra instrument for Calcium sensitive dyes, Membrane Potential dyes, Voltage Sensor dyes and others applications. Please follow this link to a .pdf of the wavelengths and ordering information
Optional Cell Suspension System  and Consumables
FLIPR Tetra Suspension Reservoir 0200-6222
FLIPR Tetra 250 mL Spinner Flask Assembly 0200-6223
FLIPR Tetra 500 mL Spinner Flask Assembly 0200-6224
FLIPR Tetra 1 L Spinner Flask Assembly 0200-6225
FLIPR Tetra 2 L Spinner Flask Assembly 0200-6226
FLIPR Tetra 3 L Spinner Flask Assembly 0200-6227
Bulk Kit
Explorer Kit R8222
Express Kit
Bulk Kit R8223
FLIPR Potassium Assay Kit
Evaluation Kit R8330
FLIPR Calcium 3 Assay Kit
Explorer Kit R8091
Bulk Kit R8090
FLIPR Calcium 4 Assay Kit
Explorer Kit R8142
Bulk Kit R8141
Express Kit R8143
FLIPR Calcium 5 Assay Kit
Explorer Kit R8185
Bulk Kit R8186
Express Kit R8187
FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kit
Evaluation Kit (1 Plate) R8194
Explorer Kit (10 Plates) R8190
Bulk Kit (100 Plates) R8191
Express Kit (100 Plates) R8195
FLIPR Membrane Potential Assay Kit
Explorer Kit RED R8126
Bulk Kit RED R8123
Explorer Kit BLUE R8042
Bulk Kit BLUE R8034
FLIPR Calcium 6-QF Assay Kit
Explorer Kit R8192
Bulk Kit R8193
Express Kit R8196

1. Please contact your local Molecular Devices Sales Representative for details regarding this configure to-order item.

FLIPR Tetracycler and Robotic Integration

Flipr Tetra Cell Suspension System

Optional Cell Suspension System and Consumables

Flipr Tetra Consumables System

An optional cell management system for the FLIPR Tetra System simplifies luminescent calcium mobilization assays and increases throughput by eliminating the need to plate cells and the need for separate compound plates during aequorin assays. Cells are held in spinner flask which maintains a uniform cell suspension and promotes assay robustness. During the assay, cells are pumped to the reservoir for pipetting and returned to the spinner flask. Adjustable stir speed, pump speeds and pipetting parameters simplify the optimization of cell handling for different cell lines. A variety of flask sizes are available to scale the volume for assay development through high throughput screening. Requires Part number 03010-5339 field installation of Cell Suspension system.

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Towards personalized medicine
Towards personalized medicine


University College London uses the SpectraMax i3x reader and FLIPR Tetra System to develop personalized medicines

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We are ready to help you solve your tough research challenges. Our proven solutions and highly qualified teams across the globe can help advance your next big discovery.