Iowa State University uses the ImageXpress Widefield system to develop strategies to rescue and repair of damaged nervous systems

"At the end of four days of culture, time-lapse imaging would generate about 275,000 images."

– Professor Donald Sakaguchi


Iowa State University,Department of Genetics,

Development, and Cell Biology


Donald Sakaguchi, PhD, Professor


ImageXpress Micro XLS Widefield High-Content Analysis System

The Challenge

Research in the Sakaguchi Lab at Iowa State University focuses on experimental strategies for the rescue and repair of the damaged nervous system using stem cell approaches. Specifically, the lab is developing a multifunctional biodegradable conduit that can be seeded with adult stem cells to facilitate nerve regeneration. In addition, they are transplanting stem cells engineered as delivery vehicles for therapeutic factors to treat blinding ocular diseases such as glaucoma.
Iowa State University

The Solution

To ensure that cells to be transplanted are healthy and normal, the ImageXpress Micro System is used to analyze different cell lines, cell populations, cell differentiation properties in a high throughput fashion. The integrated software package further allows multiple cell types, substrates, cell behaviors to be characterized at once, reducing variability across experiments.

Products Used

The ImageXpress Micro XLS High-Content Analysis System has been replaced by the ImageXpress Micro 4 High-Content Analysis System, which represents the culmination of four generations of imaging expertise. The latest agile design allows you to boost your research with this faster-than-ever system, while providing the option to upgrade to confocal in the future to align with your research needs.

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