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Application Note

Development of a cell-based potassium-chloride transporter assay using the FLIPR Potassium Assay Kit

  • Kinetic measurement of K+/Clcotransporter activity in a cellbased assay provides information rich data
  • Homogenous no-wash protocol reduces well-to-well variation, improving assay robustness
  • Non-radioactive reagent (unlike traditional Rb+ efflux assays)
  • Amenable to high-throughput screening
  • 基于细胞的实验中 K+ / cl - 共转 运体活性的动态检测提供了丰 富的信息数据
  • 均质免洗方案减少了孔与孔之 间的变化,提高了检测的一致 性和有效性
  • 非放射性试剂 ( 不像传统的 Rb+ 射流检测 )
  • 适用于高通量筛选