Application Note

Measuring neurite outgrowth with the SpectraMax MiniMax cytometer and MetaMorph software

  • Acquire high-quality neuronal images using the SpectraMax MiniMax cytometer
  • Accelerate time to results using MetaMorph software’s automated image processing and analysis tools
  • Automatically generate detailed neurite outgrowth data such as number of processes, process length, and total measured outgrowth
  • 使用SpectraMax MiniMax细胞 成像系统拍摄高质量神经细胞 图片
  • MetaMorph自动图像处理和分 析工具可加速图片分析
  • 自动得到神经突触分析所需参 数,如突触个数、突触长度和 突触总数等