Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Launched to International Space Station via NanoRacks, LLC

NanoRacks, LLC is installing a new, reconfigured Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax M5e multi-mode microplate reader on the International Space Station to perform experiments in microgravity.


Molecular Devices, LLC, a leader in protein and cell biology technologies, today announced the launch of the SpectraMax M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader to the International Space Station by NanoRacks, LLC. In May 2011, Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax M5e became the first microplate reader in space when NanoRacks added it to their line of commercial research hardware on the International Space Station, providing researchers the ability to conduct microplate reader experiments in microgravity for the first time.

NanoRacks reconfigured the SpectraMax M5e, one of Molecular Devices’ most reliable, durable, and feature-rich microplate readers, to operate comfortably in the zero-gravity environment of the space station. Upgrades to the original platform include temperature control and the ability to configure every aspect of the researcher’s experiment from an Earth-based workstation using SoftMax Pro, the industry’s leading data acquisition and analysis tool. With these improvements, NanoRacks is able to offer scientists the same flexibility they have with their experiments in their own laboratories.

“Our innovative solutions for advancing protein and cell biology enables our customers to answer life’s most important questions” said Greg Milosevich, President of Molecular Devices. “The Molecular Devices extensive range of Microplate Readers have an unequaled reputation for performance and quality with over 40,000 units installed in terrestrial research laboratories worldwide. We are extremely proud to have the only brand of Microplate Readers that have passed the rigorous vibration, environmental, and ease-of-use testing required by NanoRacks to enable reliable and reproducible microgravity scientific research."

The NanoRacks Plate Reader-2 launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft on July 18th, 2016 and is scheduled to dock with the International Space Station two days after launch.

To inquire about researching on the International Space Station via the NanoRacks Plate Reader-2, contact NanoRacks at info(at)nanoracks(dot)com.

For more information about the SpectraMax® M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader or other products from Molecular Devices, please visit our website (https// or send an email to info(at)moldev(dot)com. NanoRacks will provide regular updates on the Plate Reader program via @nanoracks and at

Please visit the NanoRacks Plate Reader-2 product page for regular updates and more information on their efforts to futher life sciences research in a microgravity environment.