Molecular Devices Introduces SoftMax Pro 6.2 Microplate Data Acquisition and Analysis Software Announces SoftMax Pro 6 Protocol Contest winner

Sunnyvale, CA, June 06, 2012: Molecular Devices, LLC, today announced the launch of SoftMax® Pro 6.2 Microplate Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. The industry leading software features superior data analysis capabilities, and includes a selection of new features designed for ease of use and to maximise productivity for researchers in R&D, drug manufacturing, quality control and analysis.

SoftMax Pro 6.2 Software offers a clean interface with easy access to the most common tasks required in microplate data acquisition and analysis. Workflow is simplified with the new Plate Setup Helper to guide users through protocol set up, whilst maintaining flexibility and speed in protocol adjustments. All-inclusive reporting and print-to-PDF functionality enables easy access and sharing of results. The note section functionality includes built-in image, table and graph features for ease of reporting.

The Company also announces the first winner of the SoftMax Pro 6 Protocol Contest, Alan R. Stafford, MSc from the Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research Institute (TaARI), Ontario, Canada who receives the prize of a $500 Amazon gift voucher. Launched in November 1, 2011, the contest encourages scientist to try the new SoftMax Pro 6 Software and share their protocols amongst peers via the SoftMax Pro Community (, the submitted protocols are then judged by Molecular Devices panel along with votes submitted from the SoftMax Pro community users based on novelty/innovation, community value/usefulness to others, protocol maturity, complexity, and correctness, of the submitted protocol. Molecular Devices is running the Protocol Contest every quarter through 2012.

Commenting on the SoftMax Pro 6 Software, Alan R. Stafford noted: “The latest software has a layout that is very intuitive, which makes setting up experiments exceptionally fast. I find the ability to share protocols through the “protocol home page” extremely useful, allowing users with a range of expertise to potentially build protocol data bases relevant to their fields.”

Mikey Kindler, BioResearch Director, Molecular Devices, commented "Since its introduction, SoftMax Pro Software has set the standard for data acquisition and analysis in the microplate reader industry, paired with Molecular Devices’ award-winning microplate reader offering. The release of SoftMax Pro 6.2 demonstrates our commitment to continue developing and improving upon our world-class software.”

SoftMax Pro 6.2 is a robust, all-in-one software package for microplate readers, designed to work with Molecular Devices' benchtop readers including SpectraMax®, Gemini™ XPS and EM, SpectraMax Paradigm®, M-series and FilterMax Series.

This product includes software developed by the TTF2PT1 Project and its contributors.