Molecular Devices Launches New Hybridoma Media Products

XP Media and CloneMedia enable researchers to get to high-value clones faster with a complete hybridoma media solution for cell line development

Sunnyvale, Calif. - May 24, 2016 - Molecular Devices, LLC, a leader in protein and cell biology technologies, today announced the launch of XP Media and CloneMedia for mouse hybridoma generation, a complete solution that supports all stages of hybridoma cell line development, from antibody discovery to production. The development and proliferation of high-secreting clones will enable more efficient workflows by increasing the number and quality of candidates moved on to the scale-up stage.

“During the last decade, production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and recombinant proteins using mammalian cells have led to an increased introduction of biotherapeutic proteins. However, high development costs, stringent regulatory requirements, and long approval time are restraining growth of new discoveries to market,” said Sarah Vargas-Hurlston, Director of Drug Discovery Marketing at Molecular Devices. “Our new media will reduce overall costs by reducing time to market through significant reduction in the time spent on sub-cloning steps and by eliminating the masking of potentially valuable slow-growing clones.” The launch builds upon 10+ years of experience with Molecular Devices comprehensive, high-throughput colony picking and screening technology including XP Media, CloneMedia, CloneDetect, CloneSelect™ Imager, and ClonePix™ 2 System. This optimally-formulated media maximizes productivity and minimizes hands-on time, shortening the time to market for novel antibody therapeutics.

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Sarah Vargas-Hurlston

Director of Marketing, Drug Discovery