Molecular Devices Launches the MicroMax Low Volume Microplate, the Highest Throughput Low Volume Solution Available

Sunnyvale, CA - November 9. 2011 - Molecular Devices, LLC, a leader in bioanalytical systems for drug discovery, life science research, and bioassay/test development, today announced the launch of the MicroMax Low Volume Microplate which offers researchers the benefit of measuring up to sixty-four samples per plate on the SpectraMax® microplate readers.

With the option to test 24 or 64 samples per plate and with StakMax® Microplate Handling System compatibility, MicroMax offers the highest throughput solution for Low Volume measurement available on the market today. The elegant simplicity of the MicroMax design provides remarkable flexibility, ideal for multi-user environments. The customer can use either 2 or 4 μL samples, and will have a variety of cleaning options available: simply wiping the slide, autoclaving, or replacing the slides. The unique, no-hinge design offers great uniformity with no maintenance and simplifies the cleaning process.

"Growing demand from researchers to accelerate sample preparation time is now compounded by the need to work with smaller sample sizes," said Mikey Kindler, BioResearch Director, Molecular Devices. "Molecular Devices' MicroMax Low Volume Microplates allow customers to quickly and easily analyze their samples. This preserves precious samples and increases laboratory productivity."

Perfect for core labs, bioprocessing QC/manufacturing environments, biorepositories and molecular diagnostics labs, the 8- or 16- channel pipettor compatibility of 24 or 64 sample plates, respectively, enables fast determinations of a wide range of samples including DNA, RNA and proteins.

The MicroMax Low Volume Microplates are compatible with all SpectraMax readers including the SpectraMax Paradigm® platform. The low volume plates have ready-to-use application specific protocols in SoftMax® Pro Data Analysis and Acquisition Software for seamless integration.