Molecular Devices Introduces EarlyTox Cell Viability Assay Kits

Sunnyvale, California, July 15, 2015. Molecular Devices today announced the launch of six EarlyTox™ cell viability assay kits, a new family of fluorescence-based reagents optimized for microplate readers to assess cell viability, cell proliferation, and apoptosis events in mammalian cells.

Cell viability assays are critical to a broad spectrum of research areas ranging from understanding the mechanisms of cell death to the development of apoptosis-related therapeutics. The EarlyTox cell viability assay kits have been optimized for highly sensitive and accurate microplate-based detection which provide a complete solution for evaluating cell viability.

Tailored for every research need, these assay kits employ a no-wash, homogeneous assay protocol with a simple workflow that reduces the variability typically introduced with multiple experimental steps. The use of a proprietary Masking Reagent reduces the fluorescence background for enhanced signal/background ratio. The assay kits have been validated for use on the Molecular Devices SpectraMax® family of microplate readers and other commercially available microplate readers for optimal performance. Every step, from instrument setup through data analysis, is simple using SoftMax® Pro Software from Molecular Devices, the industry-leading microplate reader control and analysis software. Each assay kit has a preconfigured protocol in SoftMax Pro Software that is ready to use.

Brian Quast, Senior Director of Marketing at Molecular Devices, commented: “The addition of the EarlyTox cell viability family of products provides a complete solution for cell viability experimentation that includes reagents, microplate instruments, and software analysis to simplify complex workflows to deliver high-performance results.”

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