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Accomplishing scientific breakthroughs can be a slow and arduous process. However, time is of the essence when dementia, cancer, cardiac disease, COVID-19, and more continue to upend lives around the world. This makes our corporate mission—to empower researchers to fast-track scientific discoveries—significantly important. Our technology is helping pave the way for advanced disease detection, drug discovery, and therapeutic development, crucial for improving human health and wellness.
Susan Murphy

From Silicon Valley to laboratories worldwide

Our company began its journey in 1983 when Stanford University researchers founded Molecular Devices to develop tools that study cellular response. We introduced our first microplate reader in 1987. Today, 160,000 of Molecular Devices’ leading-edge platforms are integrated into the laboratories of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, government, and contract research organizations. With over 1,000 global associates – many possessing PhD-level expertise – we are proudly helping scientists propel discovery faster as described in over 230,000 peer-reviewed publications.

Customers: They’re at the heart of all we do

Our customers worldwide are setting the bar in numerous areas including: oncology, immunology, neurology, toxicology, vaccine, stem cell, food and beverage quality control, environmental, and biofuel research and testing. We’re dedicated to ensuring they go from data to insights as quickly and reliably as possible. We want to partner closely with you to create specific systems to address your biggest research challenges. We’re inspired to work with leading organizations on breakthroughs.

Innovation is in our DNA

In a race to develop medical treatment for the ailments of today—and those destined to emerge tomorrow—scientists must ensure their laboratories are modern and flexible enough to adapt as research needs change. This drives our research and development (R&D) team to continuously innovate and deploy cutting-edge, customizable, and automated solutions.

Surely every medicine is an innovation, and [they] that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils for time is the greatest innovator.
- Sir Francis Bacon

Our high-content imaging, high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection, and microplate detection systems are all designed with the latest technology to work seamlessly for researchers to help create better scientific workflows. Supporting our customers’ integrated workflows improves productivity, removing many of the assay roadblocks scientists often run into with a piecemeal laboratory setup.

Join our journey of scientific discovery

I couldn’t be more excited to pen this blog post and introduce this new e-platform to you. We’ll share trends our customers are setting in science and breakthroughs we’re enabling together with promises of a brighter, healthier future. Next up on the blog, we’ll highlight water immersion technology and its impact on high-content imaging , as well as introduce you to one of our field application scientists who discusses the latest trends in 3D cellular imaging.

We hope by sharing your insights it will inspire new discoveries and facilitate discussions that lead to even more advancements. Be part of our journey and let’s improve more lives, together.

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