University of Sheffield uses ImageXpress Widefield system to run genome-wide screens in Drosophila

University of Sheffield, Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility

Stephen Brown, PhD, Sheffield RNAi Screening Facilities Manager

ImageXpress Micro XLS Widefield High-Content Analysis System

The Challenge

Funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research and the UK cancer charity, the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility was established as the first Drosophila RNAi screening center in the UK. The facility provides a high-throughput RNAi screening service to researchers studying genes involved in many diseases and pathways. The group recently published results of a whole-genome RNAi screen, where high-content microscopy was used to characterize genes regulating the mitophagy pathway that is linked to Parkinson’s disease.

University of Sheffield uses ImageXpress Widefield System

The Solution

This screening workflow using the ImageXpress® Micro System shortens time to result significantly from 6-12 weeks down to 10-14 days. Furthermore, reliability and robustness of the system ensure consistent uptime and quality data from a walk-away operation.

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