Application Note

High-throughput imaging assays using zebrafish, a model organism for human disease

  • Evaluate thousands of compounds in a few days in the complex 3-dimensional context of a whole organism
  • Screen a wide range of disease and toxicity models
  • Visualize and measure whole-body phenotypes in a single image
  • Keep images in focus from head to tail with automated high-speed Z stacking
  • 完整生命体在三维环境下几天就能 评价成千上万的化合物 。
  • 筛选宽范围的疾病和毒性模型。
  • 单图像能可视化和测量完整表型。
  • 通过自动化高速 Z 堆叠拍摄从头到 尾保持拍摄在最佳焦平面。