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Chart Your Own Course


Which read mode would you like your instrument to have?

Which type of microplates will you use?

Which features would you like your instrument to have?

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Whether you want to start simply, advance your research, publish like a pro, or unleash your brilliance, Molecular Devices has a solution to suit your ever-changing needs.

No matter where you want to go, we’ll help get you there.

case study

Start Simply

Kaitlin Murphy helps engineer functional replacement and temporary bridge tissues.

See how Kaitlin started simply
case study

Advance Your Research

Dr. Karl Ross-Peterson is testing DNA/RNA Synthesizers

See how Dr. Ross-Peterson advances his research
case study

Publish Like a Pro

Emmanuel Di Valentin is advancing research into viral delivery technologies

See how Emmanuel publishes like a pro
case study

Unleash Your Brilliance

John Gibson and Yimei Yue are studying drug-induced cardiotoxicity in stem-cell derived cardiomyocytes

See how John and Yimei unleash their brilliance

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EMAX Plus and MultiWash

Elegant simplicity that lets you follow your imagination

SpectraMax M Series

With six different models to choose from, it’s easy to find the one you want for your lab

FlexStation 3

Fast-track even your most complex biochemical and cell-based assays

SpectraMax i3x

Explore a wealth of applications in one future-ready system