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RiboPro use the SpectraMax iD3 to advance research into life-changing mRNA therapeutics


Sander van Asbeck

Marc Penders

SpectraMax iD3 and iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

The Challenge

RiboPro is a spin-off of Dutch biotechnology company Mercurna. Based in The Netherlands, the RiboPro team design and produce high-quality messenger RNA (mRNA) for academic and industrial researchers. Their mission is to accelerate the research and drug development of as many researchers as possible with their potent technology. As specialists in mRNA and drug delivery, they continuously strive to improve mRNA-based products for the benefit of their customers worldwide.

RNA is a great research tool and can be a powerful therapeutic. To deliver engineered mRNA therapeutics into cells, the team at RiboPro use a proprietary lipid nanoparticle (LNP)-based delivery vehicle. Researchers needed to be able to determine the efficiency and toxicity of their LNP and mRNA formulations so required a reliable ‘workhorse’ instrument to perform various assays.

Marc Penders uses SpectraMax iD3 to Research life-changing mRNA Therapeutics

The Solution

The team use the SpectraMax iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader to perform luciferase assays to determine the performance of new LNP formulations. They also use it for cell viability assays and immunogenicity ELISAs to determine the (reduced) toxicity of both the mRNA and LNP formulations, as well as to measure the concentrations of RNA and DNA during their mRNA synthesis process. As such, it has become a crucial piece of equipment for the group. In the photo above, Marc Penders of RiboPro is using the SpectraMax iD3 for a lipid oxidation assay.

The Results

RiboPro now use the SpectraMax iD3 Reader to measure between 10 and 50 plates per day, as well as a rapidly increasing number of RNA/DNA samples.

Sander van Asbeck (CEO Mercurna), says, “We particularly enjoy the automatic gain settings and optimization features of the SpectraMax iD3, which allow us to improve our assays and pick-up the smallest of clues to improve our products. Furthermore, with our throughput, being able to measure multiple RNA or DNA samples in one go speeds things up, further lowering the cost of our service”.

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