MetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software

Intracellular ion measurements for fluorescence ratio imaging

MetaFluor® Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software is designed for single or multi-wavelength intracellular ion measurements. The software application provides simultaneous display of the raw data, ratio image, graphs of intensities, ratios, ion concentrations, and a non-ratiometric image such as a brightfield or phase-contrast image. Two different ratiometric indicators can be imaged and measured simultaneously to provide greater insight to ion exchange and intracellular function regardless of dye loading concentrations, conditions, or emission intensities.

  • Real time processing and analysis offers continuous acquisition, ratio calculation, color maps, intensity measurements, and calibrated ion concentrations. Background subtraction is also used to improve accuracy by correcting for stray light, camera noise, and auto-fluorescence.
  • Calibrations of intracellular ion concentrations are obtained by using the Grynkiewicz equation (Grynkiewicz et al., 1985) or a titration equation for both in situ and in vitro experiments. These calibrations can then be stored for future use.
  • Region analysis can be generated automatically or manually to monitor intensity, ratio value, or ion concentration. Measurements are then made simultaneously on all the regions of interest and update continuously on a scrolling graph, allowing dynamic changes to be followed as they occur in your living samples.
  • Interactive graphs give flexibility in the presentation of experiment's data. Clicking on graph traces displays a readout of the time and data value for the region nearest to the click.
  • Event mark function is useful to record when drugs or solutions are added, experimental conditions changed, triggers are received or sent, or other events occurred. An option is available to associate a timer and an alarm bell to each event. Additionally, for perfused samples, ambient conditions can be logged and tracked.
  • Journals simplify system operations, automate acquisition and device control, set variables, and sequence events. The Auto-Execute Journal command allows journals to be run automatically at specific points in the acquisition cycle.
  • Ratio imaging
  • Calcium ratio imaging
  • FRET
  • pH measurements
  • Ion concentration
  • Intensity-over-time
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 required.
  • MetaMorph® Software runs under 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Please note, not all hardware drivers are compatible with 64-bit systems. Check here for latest hardware driver status.

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