SoftMax Pro Import Feature

Have you ever wanted to analyze assay data from multiple instruments using one simple data analysis program? With the SoftMax® Pro 6 Import Feature*, you can import any numerical data set in microplate format for analysis using the feature-rich SoftMax Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis software package.

Use one of the 160 pre-written calculation protocols or create your own custom calculation protocols for data generated by non-Molecular Devices microplate readers, imaging systems, real-time PCR systems, scintillation counters, flow cytometers, and more.

Looking for a new ELISA and dose response analysis software package after the March 31, 2015 discontinuation of MasterPlex® ReaderFit by Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.? SoftMax Pro’s 21 curve fit options, including 4-parameter logistic and 5-parameter logistic models, and the ability to assign multiple standard curves within the same plate make it easy to interpolate unknown samples or perform parallel line analysis (PLA) to determine relative potency.

Imagine how much time you can save while increasing the integrity of your calculated results through consolidation and standardization of your current data analysis workflows into one software platform. Reimagine your data with SoftMax Pro.

*Requires SoftMax Pro version 6.4.1 or higher.

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