Automated high-content screening solution with BAB’s 6-axis robotic arm for optimized 3D tissue and organoid workflow

BioAssemblyBot® 400 (BAB400) by Advanced Solutions is an intelligent robot used by life scientists to build 3D model systems with increased throughput and precision, alleviating common concerns associated with manual workflows. As part of an optimized automation workflow that includes ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System and IN Carta® Image Analysis Software, the BAB’s 6-axis robotic arm utilizes a wide range of interchangeable fabrication tools to reliability reproduce 3D tissues and organoids.

  • Develop new drug targets

    Develop new drug targets

    Consistently dispense, place, and print organoids for use in drug discovery with higher throughput vs. manual workflows. Test drug toxicity or efficacy on 3D models that are representative of native human tissues.

  • Improved viability of 3D cell cultures

    Improved viability of 3D cell cultures

    Reliability and reproducibility of BAB allows for consistency in maintaining improved viability of organoids over time.

  • Enhanced flexibility with integrated workflows

    Enhanced flexibility with integrated workflows

    BAB seamlessly integrates with high-content imagers for monitoring cell health or improved efficiency in end point assays.

The BAB400 integrated with the ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System

The BAB400 integrated with the ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System


  • Extend human ability

    Extend human ability

    The precision of the BAB400’s six-axis robotic arm exceeds human dexterity to bioprint, pick up biology, and complete complex assays while reducing human error, variability, and cost.

  • Automate with BioApps™

    Automate with BioApps™

    The user-friendly interface allows you to use existing protocols or customize your own.

  • Can I have a hand?

    Can I have a hand?

    BAB swaps "hands" giving users the ability to 3D bioprint while controlling temperature, pressure, UV exposure, and more with the ever-growing catalog of tools.

  • Load in materials and go

    Load in materials and go

    Add in your biomaterials and press “go.” BAB will automate countless processes, including passaging cells, bioprinting, organoid dispensing, and more. Once these processes are complete, the BAB will notify you that the work is completed.

Expandable and designed for modern biology and drug discovery labs.

Produce and maintain living tissues, organoids, and spheroids more consistently than ever before. Then analyze them without ever touching the well plate. BAB400 integrates seamlessly with the ImageXpress Confocal to round out your integrated organoid workflow with automated passaging, cell culture monitoring, suspension dispensing, and 3D bioprinting of tissues and organoids.

ImageXpress Confocal High-Content Imaging System

Powerful multi-laser light sources, a deep tissue penetrating confocal disk module, water immersion objectives and modern machine learning analysis software

confocal ht ai
  • Ideal for highly-complex cell-based and 3D assays
  • Seven-channel high-intensity lasers generating brighter images with higher signal-to-background
  • Spinning confocal disk technology for deeper tissue penetration, resulting in sharper images with improved resolution
  • Water immersion objectives offering quadruple the signal at lower exposure times for greater sensitivity and image clarity without sacrificing speed
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IN Carta Image Analysis Software

Modern machine learning, high-content image analysis software

CellReporterXpress software for ImageXpress Pico

Powerful analytics combined with an intuitive user interface simplify workflows for image analysis and phenotypic profiling. Advanced features provide the functionality you need to analyze data in 2D, 3D, and 4D - at scale - and deliver real-time insights without the need for complex pre- or post- processing operations. Improve specificity of your image analysis workflows by utilizing the SINAP deep-learning module and see for yourself that Segmentation Is Not A Problem. Put machine learning to work for you and perform complex phenotypic analysis within a user-friendly Phenoglyphs module.

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Applications for BioAssemblyBot 400

  • 3D Cell Models

    3D Cell Models

    3D cell cultures offer the advantage of closely recapitulating aspects of human tissues including the architecture, cell organization, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, and more physiologically-relevant diffusion characteristics. Utilization of 3D cellular assays adds value to research and screening campaigns, spanning the translational gap between 2D cell cultures and whole-animal models. By reproducing important parameters of the in vivo environment, 3D models can provide unique insight into the behavior of stem cells and developing tissues in vitro.

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    Drug Discovery & Development

    Drug Discovery & Development

    The drug discovery landscape is shifting, with more scientists centering cell line development, disease models, and high-throughput screening methods around physiologically-relevant 3D cell models. The reason for this is clear: Using cellular model systems in research that closely mimic patient disease states or human organs can bring life-saving therapeutics to market – faster.

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  • Drug Discovery and Development

    Drug Discovery and Development

    For every drug that makes it to the finish line, another nine don’t succeed. This alarming failure rate can be traced to reliance on 2D cell cultures that don’t closely mimic complex human biology, often leading to inaccurate predictions of a drug’s potential and extended drug development timelines.

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    Lab Automation for High-content Screening

    Lab Automation for High-content Screening

    Our automated, high-content screening (HCS) workcell provides an end-to-end solution that helps standardize live 2D/3D cellular development process with cell culture, treatment, and incubation, through to imaging, analysis, and data processing, delivering consistent, unbiased, and biologically-relevant results at scale.

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  • Organoid Innovation Center

    Organoid Innovation Center

    Our lab automation solutions include scientists and engineers who can customize our instruments, as well as automate entire workflows to meet the specific needs of your assay, method, or protocol. From incubators, liquid handlers, and robotics to customized software and hardware—and with over 35 years of experience in the life science industry—you can count on us to deliver quality products and provide worldwide support.

    Learn more about how robotics-driven automation workcells and AI-based image analysis can help you develop an efficient, end-to-end workflow for your organoid development process.

    Organoid Research

    Organoid Research

    Organoids are three-dimensional (3D) multi-cellular, microtissues derived from stem cells that are designed to closely mimic the complex structure and functionality of human organs like the lung, liver or brain. Organoids typically consist of a co-culture of cells which demonstrate a high order of self-assembly to allow for an even better representation of complex in vivo cell responses and interactions, as compared to traditional 2D cell cultures.

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  • Toxicology


    Toxicology is the study of adverse effects of natural or man-made chemicals on living organism. It is a growing concern in our world today as we are exposed to more and more chemicals, both in our environment and in the products we use.

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Scale Up Your Screening: Integrating Automation Into 3D Biology for Therapeutic Drug Discovery

Automating 3D Organoid Models and Assay Workflows

Automating 3D Organoid Models and Assay Workflows

The BAB400 integrated with the ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System

The BAB400 integrated with the ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System

3D Biology high-throughput workflows

Automate your 3D biology high-throughput workflows