A micro-volume solution for benchtop microplate readers

The SpectraDrop™ Micro-Volume Microplate offers a high-throughput solution for low-volume measurement. Innovative design features enable accelerated sample preparation time, increased laboratory productivity of DNA, RNA, and protein samples as low as 2 μL, and compatibility with absorbance and fluorescence read modes. The microplate format assures uniform and reproducible analysis and integrates seamlessly with the Molecular Devices StakMax® Microplate Stacker for greater research capacity.

  • Accuracy

    Place droplets precisely

    The Teflon slide coating ensures precise droplet placement, while the attached side spacers control for pathlength and evaporation, for a uniform and reproducible data analysis tool.

  • Ease of use

    Clean easily

    The two-slide design makes the cleaning process easy. You can quickly wipe, autoclave, sonicate, or simply replace each slide without worrying about any calibration steps.

  • Throughout

    Get unmatched throughput

    With up to 64 sample spaces and compatibility with Molecular Devices StakMax Microplate Stacker, you get a measurement system that offers the highest low volume throughput available today.

SpectraDrop Micro Volume Microplate for DNA, RNA, and Protein Quantitation

SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Microplate


  • Elegant simplicity

    The SpectraDrop microplate incorporates a specially designed adapter and a slide pair for a uniform multi-sample assembly. This simplicity allows users to have their own slide combination, ideal for multiuser laboratories.

  • Unique design

    The microplate’s unique design consists of a specially designed adapter, Teflon-coated bottom slide, and top slide with evaporation reducing spacers. It is compatible with 8- and/or 16-channel pipettors.

  • Easy slide access

    The microplate has two side pockets for easy slide access and tight slide tolerances for a no-smear experience.

  • Versatility

    The microplate comes in two density configurations, 24-wells per plate and 64-wells per plate, and two volume options, 2 or 4 μL, allowing users to select their ideal configurations.

Specifications & Options of SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Microplate


* dsDNA sensitivity specified for the following instruments:

  • SpectraMax® 190 Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax® Plus 384 Microplate Reader
  • SpectraMax® i3 Multi-Mode Detection Platform
  • SpectraMax® M Series Multi-Mode Microplate Readers
  • SpectraMax® Paradigm® Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
  • FlexStation® 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

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SpectraDrop Micro Volume Microplate for DNA, RNA, and Protein Quantitation

SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Microplate

SpectraDrop™ Micro-Volume Microplate

Product Name

Product Description

Part Number

SpectraDrop 24 Kit Contains one microplate adapter, two 24-well low volume bottom slides, and one of each cover slide (2 µL and 4 µL) 0200-6262
SpectraDrop High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Kit Contains one microplate adapter, five 24-well low volume slides, five 64-well low volume bottom slides, and five of each cover slide (2 µL and 4 µL) 0200-6267
SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Refills, 24-Well Bottom Slides Three low volume 24-well bottom slides 0200-6263
SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Refills, 64-Well Bottom Slides Three low volume 64-well bottom slides 0200-6264
SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Refills, 2 µL Cover Slides Three 2 µL top slides (0.5 mm path length) 0200-6265
SpectraDrop Micro-Volume Refills, 4 µL Cover Slides Three 4 µL top slides (1.0 mm path length) 0200-6266

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