SpectraMax QuickDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

SpectraMax QuickDrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

One-touch DNA, RNA, and protein quantification in a full-spectrum micro-volume absorbance UV-Vis spectrophotometer

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Standalone instrument with touchscreen and built-in sample ports for small volumes and cuvettes

The SpectraMax® QuickDrop™ UV-Vis Spectrophotometer quantifies very small amounts of DNA, RNA, oligos, and proteins. The small footprint and touchscreen control allows for easy laboratory setup with minimal investment of time, cost, and effort. The built-in micro-volume sample port allows for working with sample volumes as small as 0.5 µL, while the cuvette port expands sample capacity to include larger volumes.

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Increase sensitivity

The SpectraMax QuickDrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer has a four-second read time and no moving parts. It maintains an accurate pathlength, providing you with fast and accurate results regardless of viscosity.

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Easy to use

The large, high-resolution touchscreen offers preconfigured analysis methods, easy setup of customized experiments including kinetic assays, and allows you to work in six different languages.

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Streamline workflows

The spectrophotometer is maintenance-free and requires no calibration. One-swipe cleaning streamlines your workflow and allows you to quickly move from sample to sample.

SpectraMax QuickDrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


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Small footprint

This stand-alone unit with a small footprint does not require a direct connection to a dedicated computer.

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Flexible data analysis

Results can be viewed on the large touchscreen, or data can be exported to a computer for additional analysis using a USB flash drive.

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