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IDBS R&D Cloud Solutions

Power your R&D with an enterprise-ready scientific informatics software platform

IDBS is a leading provider of scientific data management software for R&D organizations. Along with Molecular Devices, IDBS is a life sciences company operating within the Danaher Corporation.

Our platform, The E-WorkBook Cloud, provides enterprise-wide scientific data management to pharmaceutical, biotech, and others conducting research and analysis across biologics, and drug discovery and development.

  • Manage your experimental data with ease

    Manage your experimental data with ease

    The E-WorkBook Cloud provides cutting-edge data capture and analysis tools, inventory management, job requesting, and biology and chemistry functionalities.

  • Ensure data visibility

    Ensure data visibility

    The platform records all workflow activity to create an audit trail—how, when, where, and by whom the data is captured.

  • Scale to your business

    Scale to your business

    Flexible platform can be adapted to changing business needs. As teams grow and the amount of data generated increases, the E-WorkBook’s performance scales right along with it.

  • Maximize your ROI

    Maximize your ROI

    Replacing paper with innovative software streamlines workflows and cuts the reporting cycle to get products to market faster.

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Customer Breakthrough

Lonza uses IDBS' E-WorkBook Suite to improve data quality, optimize their biologics workflows, and manage experimental data throughout its lifecycle in a single system.

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Solutions tailored to R&D researchers, scientists, teams, and organizations

  • Complete library of interconnected workflows is provided to empower scientists at the bench
  • Small and large molecule development and analysis are supported
  • Collaboration and decision making are accelerated
  • Biological and chemical data are managed on a single system
  • Workflow execution and reporting are streamlined
  • Improves data integrity by enforcing GxP rules
  • Integration to bench-side instruments
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Discover the Bioprocess Solution

A solution for all your preclinical needs