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Overview of Chroma Filters

Thin film optical filters for selection of bacterial colonies with multiple ranges of color intensities. Interchangeable filters last up to 10 uses and improve recognition of colored colonies for accurate picking of desired clones. Compatible with QPix™ Software Version 2.0 and higher.

Resources of Chroma Filters

Chroma Filters

Product Name Description Part Number
QPix™ Chroma Filter; Thin film optical filter for Blue/White colony selection 1 filter X1101
QPix™ Chroma Filter; Thin film optical filters for Blue/White colony selection 25 filter X1102
QPix™ Chroma Blue/White Colony Selection Software Kit. Includes software license and 2 QPix™ Chroma Filters (X1101). Description: 1 license, 2 filters.  1 license, 25 filters X1103