Overview of Adjustable Petri Dish and Microplate Holder

Spring-loaded holders automatically adjust to the perimeter of the plates to ensure secure fit of the plastic ware with a greater size variations. Black finish enhances optical imaging and reduces light scattering. Compatible with QPix™ Software Version 2.0 and higher.

Resources of Adjustable Petri Dish and Microplate Holder

Adjustable Petri Dish And Microplate Holders

Product Name Description Part Number
1-Way Adjustable Petri Dish Holder 138 -141 mm X9401
2-Way Adjustable Petri Dish Holder Any ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 microplates X9402
4-Way Adjustable Petri Dish Holder 97 - 100.5 mm X9403
5-Way Adjustable Petri Dish Holder 87 - 90.5 mm X9404

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