ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System
ImageXpress Nano Imaging System

ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System

High-content imaging system for your everyday biological needs

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Fluorescence imaging platform within reach of every lab

The ImageXpress® Nano Automated Imaging System features a long life, solid state, light engine, and optics to reliably deliver the right assay sensitivity. Capture fine details of a variety of cellular and subcellular assays with this powerful and flexible fluorescent microscopy solution. The system includes MetaXpress® High-Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software with tools for 2D and 3D imaging and time lapse analysis, as well as a range of needs from ease-of-use through to proprietary assay design.

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Image label-free

Brightfield imaging allows for rapid acquisition without the use of harmful fluorescent agents.

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Streamline image analysis

The modular toolbox in the MetaXpress® software allows for the quick setup of hundreds of routine assays. Choose from our optional selection of turnkey application modules for greater convenience.

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Capture a diverse range of samples

With 2x to 60x magnification, the system offers the flexibility to image whole-well (C. elegans, zebrafish), as well as sub-cellular details (vesicles, organelles).

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Large field of view

An entire well of a 384-well plate can be captured in a single image at 4x magnification for faster throughput.

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Automated Stages

Fully automated X, Y, and Z stages with resolution better than 25 nm.

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Wide range of filters and objectives

The system can be configured with different filters or objectives (2-60x) to meet research needs.

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Five fluorescent channels

The system can have up to 5 fluorescent filters installed at one time. The software allows up to 7 channels to be acquired at one time which enables multi-channel fluorescent and transmitted light imaging in one experiment.

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High-speed autofocus

Laser autofocus enables quick, consistent focusing across plates, slides and uneven surfaces.

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Environmental control option

Multi-day, time lapse and live cell assays can be run using the onboard environmental system with options for temprature, humidity, and CO2 control.

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Introducing the MetaXpress 3D Analysis Toolkit

MetaXpress high-content image aquisition and analysis software

  • Meet high throughput requirements with a scalable, streamlined workflow
  • Adapt your analysis tools to tackle your toughest problems, including 3D analysis
  • Schedule automatic data transfer between third-party hardware sources and secure database
  • Set up hundreds of routinely used HCS assays using MetaXpress software modules

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