Molecular Devices Awarded Patent for Population Patch Clamp Recording Technique

Sunnyvale, CA, January 10, 2012 - Molecular Devices, LLC, today announced it has been awarded a US patent for its parallel recording technique (PPC), which measures ionic currents from a population of cells, rather than single cells, on planar patch clamp systems. The technique enhances ion channel assay success rates to near 100%.

The PPC technique measures a population of cells in parallel to mitigate the inherent biological variability seen when measuring from single cells. When a large enough population is sampled, the requirement to perform control measurements within the same recording well is eliminated. Molecular Devices’ PPC technique uses 64 recording sites per well to ensure that a consistent signal is recorded across all wells. This consistency allows for the use of cross-well controls and a further increase in throughput and decreased running costs.

The PPC technique was first released on the IonWorks® Quattro™ system, enabling the screening of large compound libraries and novel ion channel assays. It is also available on IonWorks Barracuda™, the system that sets the industry standard for automated electrophysiology with the highest throughput and lowest running costs.

“We are pleased that the US patent office has recognized Molecular Devices’ innovative parallel recording technique for ion channel screening. This revolutionary technique allowed scientists for the first time to screen large compound libraries at an affordable price,” said Klaus Lun, Vice President, BioDiscovery. “The technique has changed the way researchers pursue drug candidates targeting ion channels.”