Launch of New MetaMorph® Software from Molecular Devices Streamlines Imaging Workflow to Ensure Ease of Use and Increase Customer Efficiency

Sunnyvale, Calif. - December 7, 2010 - Molecular Devices, Inc., the prominent source of powerful software for the bioresearch imaging industry, today announced the launch of the next generation of its MetaMorph® Software, streamlining the imaging workflow while preserving the acquisition capabilities and extensive hardware support that has made the software the best in its class.

The software will be showcased at the 50th annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 11-15, 2010. Please visit for details.

The new MetaMorph® NX Software presents an entirely redesigned user-centered interface to simplify even the most complex imaging tasks. With one-click access to features, integrated hardware setup, and synchronized, unobstructed views of data, the new software modernizes the imaging process. Instead of spending time learning complicated software, customers can spend their time on what is most important-their research. Our customers helped shape this most recent addition to the MetaMorph® Software Suite of products, which will begin shipping in January 2011.

"The MetaMorph NX software was developed with direct customer input, including feedback received through design and testing forums," said Mark Verheyden, President of Molecular Devices. "While we continue to include the advanced features that our customers have relied on for nearly 25 years, we now also provide customers who are new to imaging microscopy with the means to quickly become imaging experts. The MetaMorph NX Software propels Molecular Devices far ahead of the competition and introduces to the market the ideal balance between ease of use and powerful measurement capability."

Organized workspace coupled with a faster workflow means users become imaging experts in minutes

With the new patent-pending Dataset View, users can display and analyze large amounts of data without sacrificing clarity. Images and data that belong to a dataset stay together in one organized workspace. Arranging the display of images within a Dataset View is as easy as selecting one of seven view modes. For example, the "Time vs Z" view mode uses a grid to display images acquired at successive time points from left to right and images acquired at successive Z steps from top to bottom. Multiple Dataset Views can be placed side by side to compare various aspects of the same dataset or different datasets. Zoom and pan all displayed images at once, scale images of any bit depth, and assign colors to channels to further investigate even the most subtle objects in images. A single mouse click instantly exports images to Microsoft PowerPoint for compelling presentations or for preparation for publication.

The new tab-based "ribbon" interface provides convenient access to features, while users can create their own shortcuts to commonly used options. Each acquisition mode presents just the options that are relevant to that mode and guides users quickly through configuration. Comprehensive measurements no longer require journals or macros. By specifying settings directly on the ribbon, measurements are simultaneously made across selected planes of an image. Work (and precious time) is never lost as the MetaMorph NX Software automatically saves acquired images as well as measurement results, which can be accessed, reconfigured, and filtered at any time.

Integrated hardware support for more devices and components than any other imaging software application on the market

The MetaMorph NX Software continues the strong market leadership position long held by the MetaMorph® Software Suite of products as the imaging software that supports hundreds of microscope devices and components. As such, it is the most flexible and powerful foundation available for a cohesive and customizable imaging acquisition and analysis system. Hardware configurations have never been as easy as they are now - with just a few clicks on the Hardware Setup tab, devices and components can be quickly configured for use with the MetaMorph NX Software.

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