Molecular Devices and Advanced Solutions Life Sciences collaborate to develop 3D Biology Automation Technologies for Drug Discovery

BioAssemblyBot 400 (BAB400)

Turnkey platform integrates flexible robotic automation with high-content imaging of complex 3D cellular models, enabling high-volume organoid screening

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 4, 2023 – Molecular Devices, LLC., a leading provider of high-performance life science solutions, today entered into a partnership with Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC (Advanced Solutions), a biofabrication company developing robotic platforms used to build biological structures. Under this partnership, Molecular Devices will commercialize the BioAssemblyBot® 400 (BAB 400) for Drug Discovery. Jointly developed by experts from both companies, the BAB 400 for Drug Discovery includes specific enhancements to Advanced Solutions’ existing bioprinting platform that helps life scientists overcome the challenges of reproducing consistent, complex organoid models at scale for drug development. Out-of-the-box integration of the BAB400 with Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress® Cellular Imaging Systems enables turnkey automation of cell health monitoring and end-point assays.

“Researchers are looking for a better way to develop and screen organoids when manual processes and manual technologies produce mixed results, wasting time and resources,” said Susan Murphy, President of Molecular Devices. “Partnering with innovators like Advanced Solutions addresses these pain points for our customers. The ImageXpress cellular imaging systems and BAB 400 deliver an automated, turnkey platform that improves the quality and viability of 3D cell cultures at higher throughput.”

3D cell models like self-organized organoids can speed the drug discovery process and reduce clinical trial failure rates due to their more human, biologically relevant structure. However, they can grow to be highly variable depending on the technology, workflows, and expertise in place, derailing reliability of endpoint assays. In a fully automated enclosure, BAB 400’s six-axis robotic arm uses a wide range of interchangeable BAB hands to systematically reproduce organoids, while the ImageXpress Confocal system informs the modeling and screening process with high-content cellular imaging information for increased precision

“Pairing the flexible yet controlled nature of BAB 400 with the image quality and speed of the ImageXpress automates high-content, 3D model research in a uniquely integrated and efficient process,” said Michael Golway, President & CEO of Advanced Solutions. “Together, we’re enabling users to quickly design, develop, and image complex organoids like never before. This is expected to improve efficacy and toxicity results, setting more novel therapeutics up for success.”

Learn more about the collaboration here, or watch this on-demand webinar covering how ImageXpress Cellular Imaging Systems integrate with BAB 400 to advance 3D biology. This solution is available now to customers in Europe and North America.

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