High-content analysis and phenotypic characterization of 2D and 3D cellular models

As presented by Kayla Hill, PhD, Field Applications Scientist, Molecular Devices

There is an increased need for expanding the variety and complexity of cell-based assays for biologic research and drug discovery. This has generated increasing interest in using three-dimensional (3D) cultures for assay development and phenotypic screening applicable for a range of cellular models including CNS, tumor micro-tissues, and organoids screens.

Combining these 2D and 3D models with live-cell assays allow monitoring of cell responses in real time and provide important insights about compound treatment effects, biological complexity, and physiological relevance of assay results. High-content imaging and analysis with the ImageXpress® Micro Confocal enables quantitative characterization of 2D and 3D cellular models. The state-of-the-art optics and powerful analysis tools generate phenotypic data from complex models in a high-throughput and automated manner.

Key highlights:

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