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SoftMax Pro 6 Data Analysis and Statistics Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks on how to use the data analysis and statistical features in SoftMax Pro. (November 2012) It has never been easier to implement a wide range of statically tools using SoftMax® Pro software, which will enhance analytical evaluation of data. These tools include the widely used 4P and 5P Curve Fit, Parallel Line Analysis (PLA), Weighting, Confidence Intervals, and many other key statically features. Using SoftMax® Pro software, it is very simple to determine the goodness of the curve fit and select the best possible curve fit model with confidence for both linear and non-linear data. SoftMax®Pro software provides the tool to ensure the goodness of fit by enable both weighting and use of confidence intervals in 4P and 5P curves. This then leads to more accurate data estimates for determining EC50, relative potency, inhibitions studies, and other experimental results. Presented by Caroline Cardonnel