About this eBook:

A major challenge within electrophysiology research is 50 or 60 Hz line frequency electrical noise, which can either distort or completely drown out the biological signal the researcher is attempting to acquire. Methods for tackling this problem already exist but are either slow and inefficient or run the risk of themselves distorting the data.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how the HumSilencer feature within the Axon™ Digidata® 1550A/B Series Low-Noise Data Acquisition System provides a quick, adaptive method to remove excess noise across a range of electrophysiological applications, without distorting the data.

Sample pages

HumSilencer elimination of 60 Hz line-frequency noise

Electrical noise removed

HumSilencer quickly adapts to changing noise conditions

Adapting to changes in noise patterns

Single Channel Recording

Single-channel recording

Extracellular field potential recording

Extracellular field-potential recording

HumSilencer action potentials

Discriminating between signal and noise

Eliminate 50/60 Hz
line-frequency noise in less than one second

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