OligoMaker ApS uses the SpectraMax 190 reader to test DNA/RNA-synthesizers

OligoMaker ApS Copenhagen

Kark Ross-Petersen, PhD, Managing Director

SpectraMax 190 Microplate Reader

The Challenge

OligoMaker ApS, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a manufacturer of DNA/RNA-synthesizers. The company was founded in 1996 by Karl Ross-Petersen, Ph.D. as a technology R&D division of TAG Copenhagen A/S. In manufacturing DNA/RNA-synthesizers for universities, hospitals and private companies all over the world, the group relies on the SpectraMax 190 Absorbance Microplate Reader.

OligoMaker ApS uses SpectraMax 190 to Test DNA/RNA

The Solution

Speaking about how OligoMaker uses the SpectraMax 190, Karl Ross-Petersen explains, "We use the SpectraMax 190 as an important step in testing the DNA/RNA-synthesizers we build. We have to quantify the primers and probes to determine how much DNA/RNA is synthesized on the DNA/RNA Synthesizer".