Application Note

Streamline BCA-based protein quantitation on the SpectraMax iD5 reader

  • Quantitate proteins rapidly with a 5-minute, room-temperature incubation
  • Measure assay absorbance values quickly with minimal background noise on the SpectraMax iD5 reader
  • Graph standard curves and calculate sample protein concentrations easily with a preconfigured protocol in SoftMax Pro Software
  • 蛋白定量速度快,仅需室温孵 育 5 分钟
  • 利用 SpectraMax iD5 多功能微 孔板读板机可在更低的背景噪 音下进行检测
  • SoftMax Pro 软件里预设的程序 会自动做出标准曲线并给出待 测蛋白的浓度