Bioanalytical Software

High Content Analysis Software

Molecular Devices' complete imaging workflow consists of high content imaging instruments supported by powerful software packages for seamless integration of image acquisition, image analysis, and informatics.

High Content Analysis Software

MetaXpress high content analysis software for image acquisition, segmentation, and processing AcuityXpress Informatics software for visualization, QC, hit identification, curve fitting, cluster analysis
ImageXpress Widefield High Content Screening System for large field of view high content screening
MetaXpress® Software for turnkey, flexible, and powerful analysis AcuityXpress™ Informatics Software for visualization and hit identification MDCStore® Solution for streamlined data management

High Content Imaging Systems

ImageXpress Widefield High Content Screening System for large field of view high content screening ImageXpress Ultra High Content Screening System for confocal imaging
ImageXpress Velos High Content Screening System for high-speed well and slide imaging
ImageXpress® Micro XLS System for fast and flexible widefield imaging ImageXpress® Ultra System for true laser scanning confocal imaging ImageXpress® Velos System for high-speed, large-format imaging


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About High Content Analysis

High content screening often yields high-quality data that is more biologically relevant than biochemical approaches. A typical assay requires cellular to sub-cellular resolution during image acquisition and multi-parameter analysis. To ensure researchers benefit from the high quality images and accelerated throughput, Molecular Devices provides a fully integrated high content analysis software packages to enable high throughput imaging for screening applications, while being flexible enough to meet the needs of research imaging scientists. 

Molecular Devices imaging products are primarily used to examine cellular and molecular functions within basic research environments, or to better understand mechanisms-of-actionand screen key therapeutic targets in the fields ofcancer, neuroscience, inflammation and more.