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MetaXpress High Content Image Acquisition & Analysis Software

Flexible and intuitive

The MetaXpress® Software work with ImageXpress® Micro XLS and Ultra Systems to capture high-resolution images, recognize and segment objects, extract features, and reduce information to meaningful data. The software satisfies multiple levels of analysis flexibility and complexity with pre-designed Application Modules, Custom Modules, and Journals. Analysis can be further accelerated with MetaXpress® PowerCore™ Software for increased throughput. High content analysis data is seamlessly managed by the MDCStore™ Data Management Solution, and transferred to the AcuityXpress™  Informatics Software for data QC, visualization and mining.

Multi-level analysis tools covering a wide range of imaging applications, all in one software package. 

  • Application Modules: turnkey solutions for your 100 most common analysis routines
  • Custom Modules: flexible toolbox for advanced assays
  • Journals: powerful macros for analyzing complex and unique aqpplications 
MetaXpress Software provides a comprehensive toolbox to address various levels of image analysis needs: turnkey application modules, flexible custom modules, and powerful journal macros

MetaXpress Software offers an intuitive and flexible set of analysis tools to address a wide range of imaging experiments. The software provides an analysis continuum suitable for all experience levels.

Image acquisition protocol wizard provides fast and simple acquisition by stepping you through the image acquisition process and its optimization.

  • Objective and sample selector lets you choose from a wide variety of supported objectives and samples. MetaXpress Software supports objectives from 1 to 100X with the highest numerical aperture and allows you to set up acquisition of virtually any sample on any plate with SBS footprint or on microscope slides.
  • Interactive display of sites to easily configure acquisition sites and capture rare events using optimal settings.
  • Industry-leading laser auto-focus provides the fastest focusing available to compensate for focus drift produced by temperature fluctuations, gravity, viscosity changes in immersion media, vibration, plate irregularities, and biological variability.
  • Adaptive acquisition algorithm decreases sample read times on difficult, heterogeneous samples by acquiring a desired number of cells before moving on to the next well. 

Adaptive Background Correction mitigates poor sample quality while improving image segmentation.

Adaptive Background Correction mitigates poor sample quality while improving image segmentation.

All MetaXpress Software Application Modules are equipped with an adaptive background correction algorithm to mitigate poor sample quality while improving image segmentation. (Left) Unevenly stained sample before segmentation (Center) after conventional segmentation, some of the features are not identified (Right) with Adaptive Background Correction, all the features are identified.

Field-by-Field Data, Cell-by-Cell Data, and Segmentation Overlays are made available to ensure in-depth downstream analysis such as gating cell populations or reviewing accuracy of segmentation (Note: The Transfluor® HT, Cell Proliferation HT and Nuclear Translocation HT Application modules have been optimized for speed and do not provide cell-by-cell data or segmentation overlays).

Field-by-Field Data, Cell-by-Cell Data, and Segmentation Overlays are made available to ensure in-depth downstream analysis

Field-by-field (summary) data, cell-by-cell (cellular) data, and segmentation overlays are made available to ensure in-depth downstream analysis.

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