Assay Kits

GPCR Assays, G-Protein Coupled Receptor Assays

Easy-to-use robust assay kits for life science research, drug discovery and development, and bioassays. All the assay kits are optimized for use on Molecular Devices instruments.

GPCR-FLIPR Calcium Fura-2 Calcium GPCR-LiveWare
FLIPR Calcium
Fura-2 Calcium LiveWare
Broadest selection of calcium kits to address diversified GPCR and ion channel targets Ratiometric stability
to mitigate assay artifacts

Live cells for GPCR assays

GPCR-CatchPoint GPCR-Transfluor
CatchPoint Transfluor
Measurement of cAMP or cGMP levels via a competitive immunoassay format Cell-based fluorescence technology for known and orphan GPCRs

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Evaluation of calcium release-activated channel assays

Ratiometric calcium kit for measuring calcium flux assays