Our Brands

The guidelines outlined below in a series of tabs apply to all persons who use our trademarks, including people who refer to our products in scientific posters and papers, articles, and news reports as well as licensees, customers, consultants, outside vendors, and other third parties.

Application of Trademark Guidelines

Licensees may have specific trademark use and guidelines rules in their licensing agreements. If this is the case, please follow those rules. If your agreement contains no specific rules please follow these guidelines.

Please use the Molecular Devices trademarks as intended. If you have further questions on the proper use of Molecular Devices trademarks please contact us.



Molecular Devices invests heavily in producing high-quality products that our customers demand. The Molecular Devices trademarks are valuable intellectual property. Molecular Devices uses its best efforts to educate the public about proper trademark usage and to protect trademarks. All trademarks and logos under which Molecular Devices promotes or markets its products or services are, and shall remain, the exclusive property of Molecular Devices. Molecular Devices reserves the right to modify its marks.