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Environmental control and time-lapse imaging

Extended time-lapse acquisitions on living samples while maintaining optimal conditions

Enable live cell imaging and real-time environmental control

Environmental control mimics the cell environment and enables you to run multi-day studies, time-lapse, and live cell assays. With CellReporterXpress® software, the ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System provides visibility for environmental control during acquisition to ensure that the system is running at peak performance during your assay.


Reproduce and maintain environmental conditions

Reproduce and maintain environmental conditions

Timecourse for cell proliferation

Timecourse for cell proliferation

Monitor and measure changes in cell proliferation and cell phenotype over time with reliable time-lapse imaging and on-the-fly image analysis

Key features

  • Enable live cell imaging and 3D acquisition in an easy-to-use system to better identify phenotypic changes.
  • Generate sharp images with a greater depth of field.
  • Minimize evaporation with humidity controls.
  • Maintain healthy cell growth environment with user-defined CO2 settings.
  • Store the results of control parametrics with data for review even after the experiment ends.
  • Study the effects of hypoxic conditions over time
  • Precise temperature regulation to mitigate thermal Z-drift throughout the entirety of the time-lapse acquisition.
  • Ensure optimal environmental conditions at the plate level without the need to flood the entire system.


External Humidity Chamber

Environmental control settings

Settings can be configured through CellReporterXpress software and monitored during acquisition

  • Monitor readings in real time
  • Acquired sensor data is linked to the experiment
  • Subscribe to alerts to watch multiple sensors and get notifications while working within CellReporterXpress software


Environmental control settings

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