Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions

When standard doesn't fit, customize our QPix systems, not your research

Our Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions (AWES) team tailors our best-in-class instruments to help you transform your research.

Our expert team of engineers and application scientists tailors our best-in-class QPix™ Systems to meet your workflow demands for automated colony picking and plating. Proven applications include synthetic biology, antibody production & screening, strain evolution, and metagenomic research.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive package of services from consultation through implementation
  • Complete setup and support for your fully integrated workflow
  • Validation testing with actual biological samples
  • In-house expertise for both application needs and instrument design
  • Global service and support with over 30 years of experience in the life science research

Let our experts AWE you.

AWES Turnkey Service



Our AWES team works with you to understand your needs and challenges. We share our application and instrumentation expertise and propose solutions. We then test the chosen solution in-house to ensure it works for your application. Upon validation, we install the system in your lab and follow through on-site to support you as you advance your research.


QPix System Automation



We adapt the QPix System to seamlessly integrate into larger automation workstations. AWES can design and test the whole workstation from scratch, incorporate it into an existing automated system, or deliver a customized, automation-ready QPix System for future integration.


Qpix Hardware Customization



From custom labware, to unique transfer pins, to special handling requirements, we'll work to find a solution and prove it through validation.


Qpix Software Customization



We can modify the software to match specific Application Programming Interface (API) needs, enable unique workflow capability, integrate into LIMS or data management systems, customize a User Interface (UI), and of course control any custom designed hardware.


Qpix Biological Validation



Our application scientists work with you to understand your process and biological requirements, so that we can reproduce and test the actual performance in-house prior to shipment.


QPix System Global Service and Support



With over 30 years of experience in the life science industry, you know you can count on Molecular Devices to deliver quality products and worldwide support. 



Getting started on a project is easy! 

Quote Request for QPix Customization

1. Identify your needs for QPix customization and connect with us via the "Quote Request" button.

Molecular Devices Contact Support

2. Molecular Devices will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Qpix Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions Team

3. Our AWES team members will discuss possible solutions and options to meet the need.

AWES Proposed Solution

4. The AWES team will present and discuss these potential solutions to you by phone, web, or in person and provide pricing. 

Note: If assumptions or unknowns need to be understood upfront, the AWES team may suggest a feasibility study prior to project implementation.

AWES Formal Technical Document

5. If you agree with the course of action and proposed solution, AWES will provide a formal technical document describing the solution in detail, including estimated lead time.

Qpix AWES Team

6. Once the order is received, the AWES team will manage all aspects of the project initiation, design, building and testing.

Qpix Internal Factory Acceptance Test

7. When the project is completed, an internal factory acceptance test will take place to demonstrate the use case.

Qpix Systems Customer Acceptance Testing

8. Customer acceptance testing can take place in-house or at customers' site, depending on the agreement and type of solution.

Qpix Customer Training and Application Support

9. Molecular Devices will provide customer training and application support once the system is installed.

New Instrument/workstation Support for Qpix System

10. Molecular Devices will provide continued support for your new instrument/workstation.


Here are some of the case studies illustrating our capabilities.

Qpix Hardware & Software Customization

Hardware & Software Customization:
Edinburgh Genome Foundry
Qpix Software Customization

Software Customization:
Company X