March 2019 Newsletter


Customer Spotlight

Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Luis Gimenez-Lirola’s Lab, at Iowa State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine, is developing assays for automated screening and analysis of neutralizing antibody assays. The scientists in Dr. Gimenez-Lirola’s Lab are using the SpectraMax® i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, MiniMax™ 300 Imaging Cytometer and SoftMax® Pro Software to increase efficiency of testing towards diagnosis of porcine diseases as porcine epidemic diarrhea and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.

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[NEW] Application Spotlight

Count cells with or without fluorescent labels using automated imaging

Learn how the different transmitted light segmentation (analysis) algorithms increase the accuracy of counting diverse cell types and compare the results to those found when using a nuclear stain.

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Image Credit: HCS Pharma

[NEW] Tutorial Spotlight

Advantages and challenges of phenotypic screening in 3D culture including ECM

Cellular assays in 3D culture have shown many advantages to better mimic in vivo situations. Learn how the cellular microenvironment impacts the proliferation and/or differentiation of cells. A few examples were presented in oncology, CNS, and metabolic diseases fields. Presented by HCS Pharma.

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[NEW] Poster Spotlight

A novel high-throughput solution for screening drugs with a light-crosslinked VersaGel 3D tumor culture model and automated high-content imaging

Screen using a model that closely mimics the in vivo tumor microenvironment.

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Webinar Spotlight

FLIPR 1536-well application in high throughput screening

Discover how Pivot Park Screening Centre leverages the FLIPR Tetra® System to perform high-throughput screening campaigns for the European Lead Factory (ELF). Also, learn about using full automation to perform complex GPCR testing, tips and tricks for 1536-well screening, and calcium kinetics in cardiac safety testing.

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Citation Spotlight

The ImageXpress® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System was used for image acquisition.

Citation: High-Content Assay Multiplexing for Muscle Toxicity Screening in Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Skeletal Myoblasts

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Society of Toxicology
Booth #4173
March 10-14, 2019
Baltimore, MD USA

Forum Labo
Hall 4, Booth #G81
March 26-28, 2019
Paris, France
Life Sciences 2019
Booth #1
March 17-18, 2019
Nottingham, UK
Booth #5007
March 29 - April 3, 2019
Atlanta, GA USA
BSCB/BSDB Joint Spring Meeting
Booth #8
April 7-10, 2019
Warwick, UK
Focus on Microscopy (FOM)
April 14-17, 2019
London, UK
Booth #B72
May 21-23, 2019
Hannover, Germany
ELRIG - Advances in Cell Based Screening in Drug Discovery
May 22-24, 2019
Gothenburg, Sweden


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