June 2019 Newsletter

[NEW] eBook Spotlight

Capture True 3D Cell Culture Insights

Developing more complex, biologically relevant, and predictive cell-based assays for compound screening is a primary challenge in drug discovery. This ebook highlights the 3D cell culture imaging and analysis advantage and includes a few 3D cell model applications as well as tips and techniques for optimizing your 3D assay workflow.


[NEW] Application Spotlight

Monitor cell proliferation and cell cycle in real time

See how environmental control chamber and time-lapse imaging of live cells can be utilized for monitoring cell division and evaluation of compound effects in real time. Image analysis on the fly provides automated monitoring of cell culture and phenotypic changes of cells during the experiment and time-lapse data can be easily exported into MP4 format and saved as a video.

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[NEW] On-Demand Webinar Spotlight

Software compliance for microplate readers in GMP/GLP labs

Laboratories operating under GMP or GLP regulations must follow FDA guidelines to protect scientific integrity or demonstrate quality assurance of manufactured products. Regulated labs using microplate readers in their workflows need to verify that they are functioning within manufacturing specifications and that the data acquisition and analysis software complies with regulations for electronic record keeping.

See how SoftMax® Pro 7.1 GxP Software addresses data integrity requirements and achieves compliance in a single secure system.

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[NEW] Application Spotlight

Count cells with or without fluorescent labels using automated imaging

Learn how the different transmitted light segmentation (analysis) algorithms increase the accuracy of counting diverse cell types and compare the results to those found when using a nuclear stain.

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Citation Spotlight

Citation: Synthesis of non-toxic, biocompatible, and colloidal stable silver nanoparticle using egg-white protein as capping and reducing agents for sustainable antibacterial application

See how the SpectraMax® i3x reader was used for absorbance readings.

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Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics
June 11-13, 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SEASR Annual Meeting
June 12-14, 2019
Atlanta, GA USA
3D-Culture, Organoids & Tox Screening
Booth #E4
June 13-14, 2019
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
World Pharma Week
Booth #358
June 17-20, 2019
Boston, MA USA
Organ-on-a-chip & Tissue-on-a-chip
Booth #19
June 18-19, 2019
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Cell Line Development and Engineering
June 18-20, 2019
Park Central Hotel
San Francisco, CA

SLAS Europe
June 26–28, 2019
Barcelona, Spain

Booth #407
June 26–29, 2019
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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