July 2018

cellular imaging • high-throughput screening • colony selection
microplate detection • analysis


eBook Spotlight

NEW Cellular Imaging Insights
With cost efficient, high-throughput instruments, such as the ImageXpress® imaging portfolio, researchers can gain insight and expedite their studies while better understanding the interaction of cells under different conditions. This eBook provides new tools to better understand complex imaging models.
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Product Spotlight

NEW Latest addition of absorbance readers to the trusted Molecular Devices family
The SpectraMax® ABS and ABS Plus are equipped with advanced technology for a wide range of assays such as ELISA, DNA, RNA, protein quantitation, and UV-VIS applications in a small footprint to fit every lab and every budget. Learn more about these feature-packed absorbance readers.
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Infographic Spotlight

NEW Colony picking for microbiome studies
Growing and picking the right microbial colonies is an essential part of microbiome studies. Traditionally, colony picking is performed manually using sterile pipette tips or inoculation loops, which is usually slow, labor intensive, and time consuming. See how the automated QPix™ colony picker makes the entire process quicker (pick up to 3,000 clones per hour) to provide consistent and reliable results.
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Infographic Spotlight

NEW Colony picking in synthetic biology
In synthetic biology, building blocks are often generated from bacteria, and the cyclical ‘design-build-test’ process often requires screening and picking colonies of interest. Research can therefore benefit greatly from the flexibility and throughput of an automated colony picker. See how the automated QPix colony picker makes the entire process quicker (pick up to 3,000 clones per hour) to provide consistent and reliable results.
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Customer Spotlight

NEW Gustave Roussy Cancer Center
The Kroemer lab at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Center in France is interested in the molecular mechanisms of cellular stress and death in cancer treatment. To enable their cutting-edge research, their Cell Biology platform needed a high-content analysis system that they could fully integrate into an automated platform. After evaluating the market, they chose ImageXpress Widefield systems.
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Citation Spotlight

The SpectraMax® iD3 reader was used to measure fluorescence intensity as shown in Macromolecular Bioscience.

Citation: Synthesis and Evaluation of Chloroquine‐Containing DMAEMA Copolymers as Efficient Anti‐miRNA Delivery Vectors with Improved Endosomal Escape and Antimigratory Activity in Cancer Cells
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