advancing protein and cell biology
January 2018

cellular imaging • high-throughput screening • colony selection
microplate detection • analysis

Application Spotlight

NEW Normalize HTRF cytokine assays to cell viability
Pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines play a central role in autoimmunity and inflammatory and infectious diseases. They are also key players in metabolic disorders and oncology, particularly the anti-tumor immune response. Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF) from Cisbio Bioassays provides a versatile platform for the quantitation of various cytokines & chemokines.
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Application Spotlight

Image and analyze slide-based samples
Biological samples ranging from bacterial smears to tissue cross sections are commonly studied on microscope slides. Here, we demonstrate how the SpectraMax® i3x microplate reader with the MiniMax™ cytometer can acquire high-quality images and data from slide-based samples. Quantitative analysis is performed with SoftMax® Pro Software.
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Article Spotlight

Single-cell printing for establishing monoclonality
Single-cell printing is an emerging technology that utilizes a combination of microfluidics and imaging to isolate single cells. In this GEN article, we discuss how this technology works to provide image-based evidence for monoclonality assurance.  
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Feature Spotlight

http://go.moleculardevices.com/l/83942/2017-10-12/8qgy12/83942/115195/IMG_BR_ChristianRegenbrecht.pngAnalyze action potentials easily
The Action Potential Search in pCLAMP™ 11 software detects all action potentials in data files & automatically determines critical metrics such as amplitude and duration, saving you time from manually calculating results.
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Citation Spotlight

The FLIPR® Calcium 6 Assay Kit was used for studying calcium transients (CaTs) in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived human cardiomyocytes.

Citation: Calcium Transient Assays for Compound Screening with Human iPSC-derived Cardiomyocytes: Evaluating New Tools
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Event Spotlight

Your all access pass to advancing discovery
Join us at SLAS 2018 in Booth #405 for access to our new products to help advance your discoveries. Learn about our latest innovations at our tutorials, podium, and poster sessions. View our latest automation station & get a chance to win prizes.
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