August 2019 Newsletter

[New] Customer Spotlight

Angiogenesis Research: High-Content Imaging Systems Help Unlock the Full Potential of 3D Tissue Models

Dr. Bas Trietsch, CTO, MIMETAS, introduces a new solution for the study of angiogenesis: an in vitro cell culture microplate platform that allows vascularization of 3D tissues. Hear how our high-content imaging systems are helping to unlock the full potential of these novel 3D tissue models.

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[NEW] Product Spotlight

We are very excited to introduce the next generation of the industry-leading FLIPR platform: the FLIPR® Penta High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

Key new highlights include:
  • High speed, high sensitivity EMCCD camera for both fluorescent and luminescent detection
  • Data acquisition of up to 100 Hz
  • Peak Pro 2 analysis module with easy oscillation anomaly detection
  • Over 30 peak measurement options
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[NEW] Application Spotlight

Quantifying gluten in beer using an ASBC-approved ELISA method

Conventionally, beer is brewed from a combination of hops, malted barley, and yeast. Today, beers have become more diverse and even gluten free! Learn how to quantify gluten in beer using an ASBC-approved ELISA method in our new application note.

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eBook Spotlight

Cellular Imaging Insights

Elucidating complex cellular pathways within 2D and 3D cellular structures in response to chemical stimulation or stress is the goal of many researchers. This eBook describes how you can gain insights and expedite studies for 2D and 3D cellular structures with affordable, automated cellular imaging using the ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System.

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[NEW] Application Spotlight

Stem cell-derived human cardiomyocytes have phenotypic characteristics and electrophysiological profiles similar to those of native human cardiac cells. Cardiomyocytes in culture are able to form a beating syncytium, which behaves similarly to native cardiomyocytes. Oscillation of intracellular calcium levels occurring with synchronized contractions of the cells can be monitored using a calcium-sensitive dye, and treatment-induced changes in the pattern of oscillation can be monitored via changes in fluorescent signal over time.

The SpectraMax® microplate reader with MiniMax™ cytometer enables detection of cardiomyocyte beating and fluorescence imaging of cell viability in a single instrument, with integrated data analysis provided by SoftMax® Pro Software.

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The Bioprocessing Summit
Booth #131
August 12-16, 2019
Boston, MA USA
(ForteBio, Biologics business unit)

LabDays Aarhus
September 11-12, 2019
Aarhus, Denmark

Booth #9
September 17-19, 2019
Boston, MA USA

September 24-27, 2019
Basel, Switzerland

October 1-3, 2019
San Francisco, CA USA
Advanced Analytical Technologies for Proteins
October 2-3, 2019
Romainville, France

Stockholm LabDays
October 2-3, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Booth #1216
October 19-23, 2019
Chicago, Illinois USA

Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress
October 29-30, 2019
London, UK

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