August 2018
cellular imaging • high-throughput screening • colony selection
microplate detection • analysis
eBook Spotlight
NEW Explore cells from the inside out
Study protein-protein interaction to cell cycle analysis in spheroids with patented microplate reader technologies.
• Monitor surface functionalization of nanoparticles
• Evaluate cytokine secretion with sensitive HTRF technology
• Validate CRISPR-mediated gene knockdown using western blot analysis
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Poster Spotlight
NEW Neurotoxicity profiling using 3D human iPSC-derived neural spheroids
Neurological disorders affect millions of people worldwide and appear to be on the rise, with environmental factors as a suspected contributor. Learn about using an iPSC-derived 3D neurospheroid assay platform to develop more complex, biologically relevant and predictive in vitro assays to screen larger sets of compounds with potential for neurotoxicity.
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Interactive Demo Spotlight
NEW Your all access pass to your next breakthrough
The SpectraMax iD series of multi-mode microplate readers help you expand the boundaries of your research. With a large touchscreen, NFC functionality, available dual auto injectors, HTRF and western blot capabilities, the SpectraMax iD series is your all access pass to your next breakthrough. View an interactive demonstration including tutorial videos, key features, and datasheet downloads.
Infographic Spotlight
NEW 3D Imaging Advantage
Imaging procedures for 3D cell models can seem intimidating, however, new developments in 3D cell image acquisition and analysis workflows offer greater ease of use and allow wider adoption across various applications. Learn about the advantage and the technology behind 3D cellular image acquisition and analysis.

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Poster Spotlight
NEW Cytotoxic analysis using iPSC-derived stem cell models
There is a great need to automate complex cell-based assays with multi-parametric readouts while maintaining high data quality and precision. Learn about several multi-parametric assays utilizing iPSC-derived models that will be useful for both academic and bio-pharma environments.
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