Fixed price service plans maximize productivity and reduce downtime


Our Service Plans offer comprehensive coverage for your instruments supported by a global network of factory trained engineers. With a selection of field and depot service programs, our solutions minimize downtime, and provide predictable costs. Our portfolio of service plans includes Performance Assurance Service Plan, Essential Protection Service Plan, and Compliance Assurance Service Plan. All our service plans eliminate the risk of unexpected expenses.

  • Optimize performance

    Optimize performance

    Annual preventive maintenance ensures that your instruments are running at peak performance and verify that the instrument meets operational specifications.

  • Experience priority response

    Experience priority response

    Rest assured that your call will receive priority response that results in reduced downtime.

  • Fulfill compliance requirements

    Fulfill compliance requirements

    The Compliance Assurance Service Plan ensures compliance for regulated environments. The plan conforms with US and EU Pharmacopeia guidelines.

Service Plan for Laboratory Priorities

Service Plan for Laboratory Priorities


  • Performance Assurance Plan

    This plan delivers the most integrated level of service and is critical for instruments where reducing operational risk, optimizing instrument performance, and maximizing uptime is of utmost importance. This plan includes PM service.

  • Essential Service Plan

    This plan is designed to deliver a core level of service and is appropriate for systems central to laboratory operations, providing quality repair with minimum resolution time.

  • Compliance Plans

    Instrument compliance for regulated environments is ensured to maximize uptime and maintain instrument reliability to meet your compliance requirements. This plan includes a PM OQ service.

  • Custom service plans

    If our fixed price service plans don’t meet your needs, we can design a solution to address your specific requirements. We also offer coverage for instruments across multiple locations.

  • Factory trained engineers

    To ensure your system operates reliably and performs according to operational specifications, we recommend you use factory-approved parts installed by our qualified and service personnel.

  • PhD level scientific team

    Our engineers are supported by the Technical Support Team of PhD scientists who understand your research and instrument needs.

Resources of Service Plans

Plan Options

Service Plan Feature Comparison Chart


On-site service feature

Performance AssuranceCompliance AssuranceEssential Protection
Unlimited service callsDoneDoneDone
Repair partsDoneDoneDone
Labor and travelDoneDoneDone
Response time2PriorityPriorityPriority
Preventive maintenance1-2 per yearHorizontal LineHorizontal Line
Operational Qualfication with Preventive MaintenanceHorizontal Line1-2 per yearHorizontal Line
Loaner unit3DoneHorizontal LineDone
Hardware and firmware updates4DoneDoneDone
Factory-trained engineersDoneDoneDone
On-site application support5DoneDoneDone
Ph.D-level technical support accessDoneDoneDone
Molecular Devices factory-approved partsDoneDoneDone
Online support resourcesDoneDoneDone

Maintenance, repair, and customization

center (Depot)6 service features

Performance AssuranceEssential Protection 
Unlimited serviceDoneDoneHorizontal Line
Repair partsDoneDoneHorizontal Line
Labor and shippingDoneDoneHorizontal Line
Response turnaround timePriorityPriorityHorizontal Line
Preventive maintenance1 per yearHorizontal LineHorizontal Line
Loaner unit3DoneDoneHorizontal Line
Hardware and firmware updates4DoneDoneHorizontal Line
Factory-trained techniciansDoneDoneHorizontal Line
Ph.D-level technical support accessDoneDoneDone
Molecular Devices factory-approved partsDoneDoneHorizontal Line
Online support resourcesDoneDoneHorizontal Line



  1. Two PM plans are available for select instrument platforms.
  2. Priority response varies by region and specific service agreement. Please consult with your regional Service and Support Center for additional information.
  3. Loaner units for selected instruments only and subject to availability.
  4. Updates apply to selected hardware updates and minor software updates. Inclusions vary by instrument model.
  5. Where available and for selected instrument platforms.
  6. Repair completed at local Molecular Devices repair center.